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Google Pushes “Legalize Love” Campaign; Maryland Lt. Gov. Supports In-state Tuition for DREAMers

Google Pushes for Marriage Equality With “Legalize Love” Campaign. Online juggernaut Google launched a campaign called “Legalize Love," which they hope will help curb homophobia, and aid other in the fight against the oppression of LGBT members of the global community. Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe at the Global LGBT Workplace Summit laid out the program’s goals in London Saturday, where he said, “We want our employees who are gay or lesbian or transgender to have the same experience outside as they do in the office,” he said. “It is obviously a very ambitious piece of work.” The program is said to start in Singapore and Poland, though Google hopes it will spread to “every country where the company has an office.” The move by Google has drawn the praise of fellow corporations, like Ernst & Young’s CEO Harry Gaskell, who said in support of the notion, “If you are trying to change something – governments can exert diplomatic power, NGOs [non-governmental organizations] can martial facts and arguments – but corporations martial economic power. That is something even the most passive of countries will listen to.” [MSNBC]

Nobel-Winning Economist Says For-Profit Schools ‘Exploit Those at the Bottom.’ Economist Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate and chief economist at the World Bank, lambasted the current for-profit college model in America for contributing to the growing inequality chasm seen dividing the country. Stiglitz penned a scathing column in USA Today focused on for-profits, who he claimed, “exploit those at the bottom of society.” Stiglitz continued, saying that  for-profits are “better at exploitation than at delivering a valuable education.” Stiglitz’s comments come on the heels of recent claims that for-profits leave students with insurmountable debt, with little ability to attain enough money to pay it off. The Department of Education attempted to deal with the issue by instituting a "Gainful Employment" rule which would have held for-profits more accountable for their student's
success post-graduation in regards to loan repayment and career achievement. A federal judge decided to invalidate the legislation, and the department is currently debating about whether they should file an appeal. [The Huffington Post]

MD Lieutenant Governor Supports the DREAM Act. The state of Maryland, which has already passed an in-state tuition remission for DREAMers, will have to wait until this fall to see if the proposal stands after opponents managed to get enough signatures to force a referendum on the matter. The announcement on the referendum comes days after the state’s lieutenant governor Anthony Brown (D-Mary.) took out an op-ed in the Washington Post, in which he laid out the reasons for passing the bill. In the piece Brown stated his relief over the President’s directive order to cease the deportation of DREAMers nationwide, calling it a “welcome and long overdue step” while also acknowledging that it was in no way a comprehensive solution to the broken immigration system. “In Maryland, Gov. O’Malley and I have supported – and the General Assembly has passed – The Maryland DREAM Act, which would help these young people give back too communities throughout our state by allowing them to attend state colleges and universities at the in-state tuition rate,” Brown wrote. “These are students who have lived in our communities and paid Maryland taxes. Yet the opponents who are bringing this issue to a referendum in November are taking a shortsighted view that ignores all that these hardworking young people can contribute to our state and nation.” [The Washington Post]

Christopher Boan is a journalism intern with Campus Progress.

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