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FOX Business Host John Stossel: Young People Are Too Stupid to Vote

John Stossel, FOX Business talk show host, mustachioed curmudgeon, and author of books with ridiculously long titles, dedicated a whole portion of his show last night to arguing that young people are too stupid to vote. Getting into his argument too deeply isn’t even worth my time or yours, but the gist of it is, “Young people are uninformed, and uninformed people shouldn’t vote because voting is too important to mess up.” Watch the whole thing here:

In the segment he goes after show guest Andy Bernstein, director of Headcount, for his organization’s practice of—horror of horrors—registering young people to vote at rock’n’roll concerts, implying that the drunk, stoned kids at these shows aren’t the kinds of people he wants showing up to the polls. And why would that be John? Because you’re assuming that young people who attend concerts are all liberal commies? Yes, the elephant in the room during this whole "discussion" is that Stossel is only scared of young people voting because he knows that they tend to lean progressive.

Check out this exchange:

Stossel: “I came out of college, I was taught by my professors that big government is the answer to everything…it took me a long time to realize that no, free markets do it better.”

Bernstein: “Well John, if your argument is that they shouldn’t vote because they disagree with you…”

Stossel (interrupting): “I’m for that.”

I mean, sheesh.

I get that Stossel’s last comment was a bit tongue in cheek, but emphasis on a bit. For the rest of the segment, Bernstein keeps hammering home the point that it’s not just about voting, it’s about being informed and becoming engaged in the voting process so that it leads to a lifelong commitment to civic participation. Wouldn’t you know, instead of admitting that maybe Bernstein has a point, Stossel cuts him off again by playing a clip from an obscure Pizza Hut commercial from 2008.

Watching this segment made me pretty grumpy (which I’m convinced is Stossel’s MO…to make you as miserable as he is) but I just sent him a tweet @FBNStossel telling him that I’m young, informed, and I’m voting, whether he likes it or not.

Not feeling so grumpy anymore.

Katie is the Communications and Outreach Manager for Campus Progress.

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