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Campus Progress Responds to “Iller” Reaction

Campus Progress embarked on Mission Iller with one, and only one, objective: to inject young people into the conversation around the midterm elections.

The video doesn’t promote any particular candidate or party. The video isn’t even trying to convince young people to vote (that part comes later). The video is a sarcastic response to the absurd claims of some pundits that young people can’t think for themselves.

Click here for background on "Iller."

Young people in zombie garb dancing around the Lincoln Memorial in the name of changing America?!

Er, that doesn’t exactly happen every day…

Why do we refer to young people as Obama Zombies?

Because that’s what they call us! Young people who are politically active are constantly delegitimized with sweeping statements or terms like this one. We’re nuanced. Poll after poll indicates that the vast majority of us aren’t overtly partisan — yet we care about issues and in that department, we’re progressive. We’re complicated. We can talk policy in one breath, and unabashedly make fun of ourselves in the next—times are changing, please try to keep up. Our political process is broken and ridiculous. Only in Congress could a majority of votes…not really count as a majority. We're weary. There are reasons to believe that our votes mattered in not only 2008 but in the years before it (after all, youth turnout has been increasing since 2000). Yet those reasons are often overshadowed by, say, the insincerity of politicians who claim to be standing up “for future generations” only to then vote against unemployment benefits for a generation facing 20% unemployment.

Yet, therein lies the beauty of midterm elections. Members of Congress may have the power to vote for or against legislation, but we have the power to vote for or against every one of them.

That simple truth is the driving factor behind

There is an unprecedented midterm election strategy being orchestrated by over 30 organizations and partners to get young people to vote again this fall. Contrary to what the website Hot Air seems to think, and they’d know this if they read the About section of Vote Again, the project is indeed nonpartisan. We’re focused on providing context on the issues, and the obstacles, while simultaneously giving young people a one stop destination to connect with various midterm election campaigns, initiatives, and volunteer opportunities.

The fact of the matter is this; one of the greatest obstacle for youth organizations working to increase turnout in a midterm election is simply raising awareness that there is an election.

Mission Iller: Accomplished.

Haven’t seen the video yet? Take a break from being so serious and check it out:

Sara is a Communications and Outreach Associate at Campus Progress.

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