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Ginni Thomas Launches, Tea Party Silliness Abounds


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Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, the wife of nutcase Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, launched a new website last week called So far, it seems to be a fairly disorganized compilation of small amounts of material and opinion on some subjects, with a space for crazy people to post their ideas (e.g. The Fourteenth Amendment was never ratified, seriously). One of the site’s main points is to get people to sign all sorts of petitions, to be online activists (online activism itself is another relevant topic).

The new site is an excellent example of ignorant conservative hyperbole: “America now faces a greater threat than at any other point in our history.” What about the Civil War? Or WWII? Communism? Swine Flu? Anything? But no, turns out the greatest threat EVER is big government liberalism. Of course, they are pretty vague about what these threats actually are and what they will do.

My favorite example is in the Hot Issues section and is titled, “Hot Issue: What Your Kids are Learning.” A long history of education in America, it laments how our education system teaches children to love big government and disdain enterprise and individualism. The evidence? They claim that government took control of education in the 1800s by doing such terrible things as making some education mandatory and using tax money to fund public schools. Then progressive reformers like John Dewey further corrupted education viewing it as a social institution (which I think the author is trying to link to socialism). In modern times, curricula are destroying youth by emphasizing “socialization over individualism, often training children to embrace a multicultural, diverse world while negatively portraying traditional American values and philosophical principles grounded in Western Heritage.” Apparently, learning to be a social animal and read Toni Morrison is what makes our test scores low and our civic knowledge so weak. Who knew?

The point is that no matter the program or action, anything the government does, outside the realm of national security, is a zero-sum game. Every federal policy, even if it works, must be rejected if it doesn’t pass this test: “Anything that increases dependency on government undermines liberty.” It’s such an extreme view of the world that you can’t interact with the ideas except to accept or deny them. So why don’t we ask people if they want to be free, or if they want public schools, health care, and social security. I’ll take more services any day. And Ginni Thomas can bask in her liberty.

Pema Levy is a staff writer for Campus Progress.

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