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Millennials and Money

On the first day of my summer internship, our intern coordinator asked us to bring in a voided check in order to route money to our bank accounts. “Voided check? What does that mean?” asked a fellow intern. “You know, it’s a check that has ‘VOID’ written in big letters across the ...

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Five Minutes With #Fight4AFuture Community Organizer Mohammed Alam

Meet Mohammed Alam, a member of the 2017-2018 #Fight4AFuture National Leadership Council. The #Fight4AFuture network, led by Generation Progress, focuses on gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. While a student at City College of New York, Mohammed organized his community to fight ...

Seven Reasons Borrowers Want Sec. DeVos to Fire, Not Hire Navient

Navient, which two states and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently sued, holds loans for one in four student loan borrowers while maintaining a notorious record for cheating students at every stage of repayment. The Department of Education should act in the interest of borrowers ...

The Word

Every other week, we deliver Young Money, a newsletter on young people and economics that you’ll actually want to read, to your inbox. In it, we include personal finance tips–The Word–from experts on subjects that are actually relevant to you. You can find the most recent edition ...

Atlanta Student Coalition Releases “A New Appeal for Human Rights”

This morning, a coalition of student activists in Atlanta released “A New Appeal for Human Rights,” a powerful declaration that articulates the various human rights violations experienced by students from marginalized communities. The document is modeled after the original 1960 “Appeal for ...

Young Resisters: Five Minutes With Local Business Owner And Activist Brittany Carmelle

This interview is part of an ongoing series profiling young resisters taking actions in their communities and sharing their ideas for countering “protest fatigue” with sustainable ways to keep resisting the Trump agenda for the long-haul. Brittany Carmelle is a 30-year-old activist and CEO of ...

Why We’re Looking To Fire Navient This Week

We’re commemorating an anniversary this week—but it’s not one we're happy to be celebrating. This Tuesday marks the fifth anniversary of the day Americans' student debt hit $1 trillion, or $1T Day.

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