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Why Student Debt Isn’t Just A Student Issue

Even after the last loan has been paid, student debt still weighs on our nation’s overall economic health.

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This New Web Series Is Written By Queer People For Queer People

The web series "Her Story" premiered on Tuesday, January 19 and focuses on the lives and love lives of two transgender women.

New Visa Protections Go Into Effect, Barring Certain Travelers From Entering United States

The United States State Department announced Thursday, January 21 that the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act is now in effect.

Obama Administration Wants To Reduce Methane Emissions From Public Land

For the second week in a row, Obama has announced a rehaul of 30 year old regulations on oil and gas companies. After banning new coal leases on federal land last week, the Obama administration announced this week that oil companies must reduce the wasteful release of natural gas and curb methane ...

Obama Temporarily Bans New Coal Leases On Federal Land

In its first review of the coal program in thirty years, the White House recently announced a halt to coal-leasing on federal lands.

How The Food Supplier Making Prisoners Sick Is Serving Meals On College Campuses

Aramark Corporation has fed prisoners maggots, dog food, and literal garbage while profiting off of low food quality. Now, student activists are protesting the same company's food service contracts with dozens of universities nationwide.

New Study Supports Statistic That One In Five Women Will Be Sexually Assaulted While In College

A study released in January by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) can now be used as further supports the common wisdom that campus sexual assault is not only prevalent, but under-addressed.

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