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Demos, PCCC And AFT Envision Future For Debt-Free Colleges

To many, the concept of graduating college debt-free in the American higher education system seems illusory—an order too tall, as apparently insurmountable as their personal pile of student debt. For public policy think tank Demos, debt-free college is, in their own words, “doable.”

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New Program In Louisiana Aims To Help Young People Quit Smoking

In Louisiana, lots of young people smoke. A new program, designed specifically for young people, is trying to stop that trend.

Students May Learn About Sexual Assault Sooner Thanks To New No Child Left Behind Provision

A new provision of the Every Child Achieves Act would encourage students to start learning about sexual assault before they enter college.

Do Gag Orders Protect Or Endanger Sexual Assault Survivors?

No-contact orders are meant to protect survivors of campus sexual assault, but they may actually put students in more danger.

Being Catholic And Progressive

A recently released survey from Catholics for Choice found that Catholic Millennials have strayed significantly from Church doctrine in terms of their beliefs on abortion, marriage, and birth control. So what does it mean, exactly, to be Catholic and progressive?

#TheEmptyChair; The Boy Scouts; Obama’s Humblebrag

ICYMI, here’s your daily dose of vital information for everyday life.

Kansas City Minimum Wage Raise Excludes Teens

In Kansas City, city council members debate whether teenagers should be included in new minimum wage raise.

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