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Mental Medicine: How The Stigma Around Mental Health Affects Doctors

Millennials aren’t feeling well. As a generation, Millennials are putting up startling figures for measures of mental health.

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Fighting For A Future: Karyna Jaramillo

Living in Phoenix, Arizona, Jaramillo lives at the intersection of queer and immigrant experiences, and so does her work. As a coordinator for the Arizona Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project, Jaramillo’s work centers on acceptance and economic security for undocumented LGBTQ people.

Conference Focuses On Intersectional Experiences Of Black Immigrants

Almost two summers after the tragedies of Ferguson, Missouri, BAJI aims to battle ongoing racial division and in America with a recent kinship conference held in Los Angeles.

Tackling Justice In Five Minutes

Something strange is happening in America. It is at once the age of fear and of embrace, of defiant political incorrectness and of unapologetic wokeness, of an extreme shift to the right and of a counter-shift to the left. The haves have got more than ever, the have-nots ever less. The Dream so ...

North Carolina And Department Of Justice Battle Over Law Harming Transgender Students

In a fierce legal exchange this week, the State of North Carolina and the federal government sued each other over the state’s controversial law House Bill 2 (HB2), which targets transgender people.

Seven Students Arrested In Georgia For Protesting Ban Against Undocumented Students

Police arrested seven students who occupied the Georgia Board of Regents before the board's monthly meeting, holding their own alternative meeting Tuesday morning.

Making National Parks Nationally Representative: Groups Launch New Effort to Make Parks More Diverse

In a recent study, just 22 percent of National Park visitors identified themselves as non-white. A new coalition of environmental justice, civil rights, and conservation groups recently called on the President to use the Centennial to call for a more inclusive approach to public lands.

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