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Why We’re Looking To Fire Navient This Week

We’re commemorating an anniversary this week—but it’s not one we're happy to be celebrating. This Tuesday marks the fifth anniversary of the day Americans' student debt hit $1 trillion, or $1T Day.

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Young Resisters: Five Minutes With D.C. Judge And Education Activist Travis Nembhard

Travis Nembhard is the youngest judge in Washington, D.C. and is currently considering a run for the District of Columbia’s City Council. Generation Progress connected with Travis, a seasoned activist on education issues, to talk about what he’s learned from the White House to his local ...

Young Resisters: Five Minutes With Resistance Manual and Co-Creator Aditi Juneja

This interview is part of an ongoing series profiling young resisters taking actions in their communities and sharing their ideas for countering “protest fatigue” with sustainable ways to keep resisting the Trump agenda for the long-haul. Amidst pursuing a law degree at NYU School of Law, ...

Young Resisters

Since the election of Donald Trump, we’ve seen a nearly unprecedented wave of progressive activism—much of it led, organized, and sustained by young people. While conservatives now lead across the White House, Congress, and the majority of state legislatures, young progressives are ...

Five Reasons You Should Be Scared Of Jerry Falwell Jr., Trump’s Pick To Lead His Higher Education Task Force

In January, Donald Trump appointed Jerry Falwell Jr. to lead a new higher education task force put in place to roll back federal regulation over higher education. Many of these regulations were created by the Obama Administration to protect students from fraud, ensure high graduation rates, and ...

Taxes And Chill

We all know taxes can be, well, pretty taxing. So this guide’s for you–the young, tech savvy, digital native who knows five different ways to order pizza without leaving the couch, but doesn’t know where or how to begin filing their taxes.

To Persist and Resist: How To Keep The Pressure On Secretary DeVos

Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as Secretary of Education, but the fight against her corruption and extreme policy agenda is far from over. Secretary DeVos’ confirmation process revealed her lack of experience, knowledge, and preparation for the job she has been confirmed to do. Now is not the ...

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