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#MakingHistory With Millennial Entrepreneur Jess Hyejin Lee

As part of Asian-Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, Generation Progress is highlighting young Asian-Pacific Islander Americans who are working to make a difference in their communities.

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‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Takes On Sexual Assault In ‘Friday Night Lights’ Parody

"Inside Amy Schumer" explored sexual assault in a "Friday Night Lights" parody during its third season premiere earlier this month.

To Get More Students Through College, It May Be Better To Offer Fewer Options

Streamlining options in community colleges could make students more successful, according to Columbia University researchers.

A Gun A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?

Apples may not be the only things keeping doctors away anymore: recent laws in four states restrict doctors’ ability to ask patients about gun ownership, which some doctors and medical associations says inhibit doctors’ ability to do their job.

Bruce Jenner Met With Support After Coming Out As Transgender

On April 24, Bruce Jenner, famed decathlon star of the 1976 Olympics and reality TV personality, in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer, said “I am a woman.”

#ThisDoesNotMeanYes Social Campaign Started by Rape Crisis UK

#ThisDoesNotMeanYes, a social media campaign started by Rape Crisis London, prompts the general public to question the myths they perpetrate around consent and women who are raped.

How The NRA Buys Members

The NRA’s membership may not be as monolithic as it suggests—nor as supportive of the NRA as one may expect.

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