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Spike Lee: Sex Strikes Could Stop Campus Rape; ‘Pope Bars’ Meme Imagines His Holiness as an Emcee

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Using Text Messaging To Promote Teen Health

A study at the University of Arizona (UA) looked at how receptive teenagers were to receiving text messages about physical activity and nutrition.

Bloomingdale’s Creates Ad Condoning Date Rape, Apologizes After Uproar

Retailer Bloomingdale's recently apologized for a holiday ad that condoned date rape.

In Wake Of Upcoming Campus Carry Law, UT Professors Take Stand Against Guns On Campus

Faculty members across disciplines are coming together to keep guns out of classrooms, offices, and dormitories at the University of Texas at Austin.

SAFE Campus Act Loses Key Support From Fraternity, Sorority Groups

The SAFE Campus Act is a proposed piece of legislation that would essentially make it more difficult for victims of rape on college campuses to report their sexual assaults. If passed, the legislation would tie the hands of campuses across the nation making it difficult for them to prosecute said ...

College Students Tackle Mental Health Stigma

Earlier this month, a student from a nearby university fell 10 floors from the top of the UNC-Chapel Hill dorm I lived in last year. He died later that day.

Senator Michael Bennet Introduces Bill To Improve Child Tax Credit

Amidst growing momentum to modernize and reform the Child Tax Credit (CTC), U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) has introduced legislation to expand the benefits of the current credit for working families. His proposed Child Tax Credit Improvement Act would index the CTC to inflation, increase the ...

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