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Today’s Supreme Court Immigration Split Shows Why We Need A Ninth Justice

Today the Supreme Court announced three decisions, two of which split 4-4, and proved once again why having eight justices on the court is not simply unsustainable, but a reckless and irresponsible danger to American democracy. While multiple cases since the vacancy opened have split 4-4, today’s ...

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Parents Join The Fight Against Campus Sexual Assault

As a new class of rising seniors begin to map out their summer visits to college campuses, one important question that should be on every student and parent’s mind is where the college stands on the issue of campus sexual assault.

Young And Homeless In Los Angeles

Growing up and living in Los Angeles, there are few days I can recall when I did not see an individual affected by homelessness. Homelessness has been an issue within the United States since the first European settlers landed here, but became a severe issue during the 1980s when the United States ...

Faces of Faith: LGBTQ Students at Christian Colleges

This post was cross-posted with the Huffington Post.  From the Obama administration’s historic announcements this spring concerning health care and education for transgender Americans to last year’s Supreme Court case upholding marriage equality, the LGBTQ community has won significant battles ...

Who Said It: A Closer Look at Trump University And Other For-Profit Institutions

You’ve probably heard a lot recently in the news about Donald Trump’s for-profit school, Trump University. But the crazy thing is programs like Trump U are a lot more common than you probably realize—for-profit colleges exist all over the U.S. and take advantage of students on a daily basis.

Trump University Charged $35,000 For Three-Day Unaccredited Program

Donald Trump-owned Trump University may have “university” in the name, but the similarities between the program and legitimate institutions of higher education end there.

Putting Education ‘First And Foremost’: Immigration And Integration In U.S. Public Schools

As immigration continues to resurge as a hot national topic, and as U.S. presidential candidates fight over which way to address the influx of Central Americans across the Southwest border, public schools have chosen to resolve this long withstanding issue in a whole other manner-- one that does ...

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