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The Art Institutes Use Predatory Admissions Tactics To Trap Students

The Art Institutes have long served as a cautionary tale for fledgling artists and designers seeking an affordable, versatile art school. Once enrolled, Art Institutes prove to be anything but affordable, saddling graduates with upwards of $75,000 of student debt.

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Studies Show Rising Tides And Greenhouse Gases At The Surface

In cities like New York, flood zones have crept further inland, offering a small preview of the rising tides to come.

College Student Accused Of Sexual Assault Uses ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ As A Defense

The headlines and reports surrounding the case furthers the critical conversation about "Fifty Shades of Grey's" stances on gender roles, sexuality, and violence.

Advocates Encourage Universities And Employees To Divest From Guns

From apartheid in South Africa to the genocide in Darfur, divestment has long been an avenue for attempting to influence social movements. Now advocates for gun violence prevention are using the same tactic.

ISIS Declares War On Twitter; Longest Serving Woman In Senate To Retire; Homeless Man Killed By LAPD

ICYMI, here’s your daily dose of vital information for your everyday life.

Are We Nearing The End Of An Era For For-Profits?

The future of for-profit colleges does not look too bright, and many would argue that is a good thing.

Students Refuse To Pay Loans In Letter To Department Of Education

Dubbed as the Corinthian 15, a group of former Corinthian students has declared a public war on exploitive student loans.

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