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South Sudanese President Threatens Lives Of Journalists Criticizing Government

A reporter for Corporate Weekly, South Sudanese journalist Peter Julius Moi, was killed Wednesday, August 19, mere days after President Salva Kiir threatened to kill any journalists "working against the country."

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New Jersey Health Center To Focus On Child Health Care After Renovation

A health center in Newark, New Jersey, reopened earlier this month after a $12 million renovation.

Young Journalists Shot During Live Interview, Families Call For End To Gun Violence

Two journalists, under the age of 30, were killed while on air for CBS affiliated WDBJ7. The gunman claimed to idolize shooters from Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, and committed the murders in the name of the "race war" he claimed started with the Charleston Shooting in July.

A Simple, Plain-Text Guide To The Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran nuclear deal would neutralize the country's nuclear ability for the next 25 years, making this deal the one of the most important security agreements in recent years.

More Than 60,000 Formerly Incarcerated People Now Eligible To Vote In California

Tens of thousands of California citizens celebrated earlier this month when the Scott v. Bowen finally came to a close, allowing 60,000 formerly incarcerated people to vote

New School Year Brings New Teacher Shortages

Factors for the current nationwide teacher shortage include low pay, high student debt, and waning teacher satisfaction.

American Universities Bridge Gaps With Cuba Amidst Reestablished Diplomatic Ties

As the U.S. and Cuba embark on their newly normalized relationship, U.S. academics—including students and faculty—are eager to pursue scholarship with Cuban universities, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

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