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Betsy DeVos: The Most Anti-Public Education Nominee For Secretary Of Education Ever

Meet Betsy DeVos. She’s the billionaire Republican fundraiser from Michigan that Trump has just nominated to head the Department of Education.

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Countering Islamophobia, One Joke At A Time

Historically, Muslim-Americans have defended their faith through political debates, theological discussions, and activism-based efforts. But a relatively new means of fighting discrimination is growing among the younger generation of Muslim-Americans: comedy.

Hocus SCOTUS: 7 Reasons Why Not Having a Ninth Supreme Court Justice Is Scarier Than Any Movie You’ll Watch This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and Washington, D.C. is teeming with pumpkins, ghost décor, and… a vacancy on the nation’s highest court, the United States Supreme Court.

As Construction Continues On Dakota Access Pipeline, So Do Protests

In rural North Dakota, hundreds of lodges and teepees spread across acre-long fields as tribes from around the nation gather in solidarity. Their peaceful protests are aimed against the most recent land issue—the Dakota Access Pipeline.

How a Broken Supreme Court Impacted My Community

It is unfortunate and unfair that that we must fight for our freedom in a way that the majority does not. But this is also the precedent in a nation in which forgotten communities have historically put tireless efforts and noble sacrifices into making their voices heard.

Meet Joanna Fang, The First Openly Transgender Woman To Win A Primetime Emmy

During this year's Emmys, which aired this past Saturday, Sept. 17, Joanna Fang became the first openly transgender woman to win a primetime Emmy.

Want More Millennials To Vote? Talk To Them About Higher Education.

Young people are speaking out about the issues that are the most concerning and relevant. It is now up to the candidates to make these issues a priority.

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