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Meet The 2018-2019 #Fight4AFuture National Leadership Council

Over the last year, our country has repeatedly witnessed the devastating effects that gun violence has on America’s youth. In the aftermath of mass shootings like the ones at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, Santa Fe High, and the Las Vegas music festival, young people have spoken out, and ...

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2018 #Fight4AFuture Summit

Join us in Baltimore to help turn the fight for gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform into next-level actions.

#ResistanceRecap: How Young People Fueled the Resistance in 2017

2017 began on the defensive: Trump took office in January, and within days he had issued an Islamophobic, xenophobic ban on Muslims. The year was anxiety-riddled, with young people, and particularly young immigrants, people of color, and women, never sure when President Trump and his conservative ...

Weathering the Storm: How Companies Profit off of Natural Disasters and Young People’s Economic Instability

In 2017, extreme weather disasters were at an all-time high, and young people’s economic stability and ability to cope with those disasters were at an all-time low. As of October 2017, the National Centers for Environmental Information determined that the United States had the most billion-dollar ...

Congressional GOP Tax and Budget Plans Benefit Wealthiest at the Expense of Vulnerable Young People

House and Senate Republicans are proposing tax plans that will be a disaster for our generation’s pursuit of economic stability. Currently, the House has passed its version of a tax plan, with the Senate set to consider a similar plan and vote on it shortly after Thanksgiving. Because these tax ...

Senator Cory Booker’s Message to Students Organizing to Support Undocumented Students

Senator Cory Booker had a message to share with the attendees of Generation Progress Action’s event, Beyond Sanctuary: How Colleges and Universities Can Support Their DACAmented and Undocumented Students.   We hope you’ll heed Senator Booker’s advice and use this toolkit and these ...

An Environmentalist Reality Check in the Age of the Millennial

The Millennial generation, an age group roughly defined as those born between 1982 and 2000, is the most recent generation to be scrutinized under society’s microscope. Studied and stereotyped extensively, they have been characterized as narcissistic and lazy, but also idealistic and tech-savvy. ...

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