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Trump’s Threat To DACA Is A Threat To The Millennial Generation

The DACA program is a Millennial program—it only applies to those born in 1981 or later—and it may soon come to an end. Rumors are swirling that Donald Trump is considering ending DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, in advance of a lawsuit threatened by 10 conservative state ...


How Trump’s Border Wall Will Devastate The Rio Grande Valley

For the first time since the Bush Administration, we are revisiting the serious threat of a wall along the Texas-Mexico border. Most people have never seen what currently exists of the border wall, nor do they know it exists. At the Old Hidalgo Pumphouse Museum and World Birding Center, just seven ...


Resources for Undocumented Students and Higher Education

Below, we’ve highlighted a few scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate programs for which undocumented students are eligible. Many other organizations have resources–whether that be their own scholarship lists, info on how to navigate financial aid, or general tips and ...


Atlanta Student Coalition Releases “A New Appeal for Human Rights”

This morning, a coalition of student activists in Atlanta released “A New Appeal for Human Rights,” a powerful declaration that articulates the various human rights violations experienced by students from marginalized communities. The document is modeled after the original 1960 “Appeal for ...


Meet The 27-Year-Old Lawyer Pushing Back Against Trump’s Travel Ban

Melissa Trent is a 27-year-old attorney in New York City. After learning about President Trump’s executive order banning entry into the U.S. for people from seven Muslim-majority countries, she volunteered to fight back in the best way she knew how: using her legal expertise.


“No Ban, No Wall. America Is Meant For All”

While President Trump has been busy making false claims about protecting our national security, Americans have been busy at airport baggage claims across the country, snaking around carousels to protest the discriminatory ban and provide legal counsel to affected people.


How a Broken Supreme Court Impacted My Community

It is unfortunate and unfair that that we must fight for our freedom in a way that the majority does not. But this is also the precedent in a nation in which forgotten communities have historically put tireless efforts and noble sacrifices into making their voices heard.


Vote Higher: Higher Education Messaging Toolkit

Today, 43 million Americans hold some sort of student debt, America holds $1.3 trillion in student loans, and the average student is graduating with nearly almost $30,000 in debt. Millennials know this is a crisis—they’re experiencing it first-hand. Recent research shows that it’s the ...


Today’s Supreme Court Immigration Split Shows Why We Need A Ninth Justice

Today the Supreme Court announced three decisions, two of which split 4-4, and proved once again why having eight justices on the court is not simply unsustainable, but a reckless and irresponsible danger to American democracy.


Putting Education ‘First And Foremost’: Immigration And Integration In U.S. Public Schools

As immigration continues to resurge as a hot national topic, and as U.S. presidential candidates fight over which way to address the influx of Central Americans across the Southwest border, public schools have chosen to resolve this long withstanding issue in a whole other manner-- one that does ...


Immigrants Continue To Drive American Innovation To New Heights

America’s greatest competitive advantage has always been a culture that openly welcomes brings the best and the brightest from around the world into our country. Unfortunately, the current immigration system is hampering the innovation and growth immigrants can bring.


U.S. Plans To Conduct New Immigration Raids

Federal authorities plan to begin a series of targeted raids to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants in upcoming weeks.


Immigration Filing Fees Are About to Get Much Higher

Immigration and naturalization application fees are soon going to soar by an average of 21 percent this summer, according to a new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services proposal that will be enacted in the coming months.


How Hollywood Stays Golden: The Truth About Immigration, Visas, And Stars

From Hollywood to the Big Apple and all the way back to the Silicon Valley, the United States has become a second home to some extraordinarily talented immigrants.


Members Of Congress Introduce Resolution To Protect More Immigrants From Deportation

Democrats have taken on the task of making the unjust "splintering of families" more widely known by introducing a new resolution calling for the destruction of two decades old laws that will hopefully help reduce the number of immigrants being swiftly deported back to their home countries.

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