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Health Care

Health Care

Did You Sign Up For Health Insurance Under The Affordable Care Act?

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Congressional GOP Tax and Budget Plans Benefit Wealthiest at the Expense of Vulnerable Young People

House and Senate Republicans are proposing tax plans that will be a disaster for our generation’s pursuit of economic stability. Currently, the House has passed its version of a tax plan, with the Senate set to consider a similar plan and vote on it shortly after Thanksgiving. Because these tax ...

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#HandsOffMyBC Campaign Resources

Today, more than 62 million women in America have insurance coverage of no-cost birth control thanks to the ACA. And yet, this is right is under attack. Check out our toolkit to get all the information you need in the fight for affordable access to birth control.

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Foodies To The Rescue: Can Millennials Undo The Damage Of The Modern Diet?

Farmers’ markets and organic grocery stores may earn scorn as hipster fads, but they are also making personal choice an actual alternative to the ubiquitous and economically dominant mainstream of junk food.


Mental Medicine: How The Stigma Around Mental Health Affects Doctors

Millennials aren’t feeling well. As a generation, Millennials are putting up startling figures for measures of mental health.


When Your Medical Record Goes From Paper File To Digital File, Who Owns The Data?

Who owns your Facebook profile? What about Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform on which you’ve created a profile? When your personal information, along with pictures, videos, and comments, are loaded onto a social media platform, it is hard to be certain of who has access, who ...


Advertisements Seem To Be Driving The Demand For E-Cigarettes Among Teenagers

Smoking an e-cigarette.

While there are some regulations in place to ban companies from marketing regular cigarettes on TV and other sources, no such rules exist for electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, advertisements.


Diagnosing The Anti-Vaccine Movement: Then And Now

A study published last year in the American Journal of Public Health found that kindergarten students in California most likely to be excused from state vaccine requirements due to the personal beliefs of their parents were white and from higher socioeconomic status.


New Documentary Explores Abortion Clinics Struggling To Stay Open In The South

Dawn Porter's new documentary "Trapped" explores the political battle over abortion and features abortion providers, clinic workers, and women seeking abortions, specifically in three clinics in the South.


In 14 Days, I Will Lose My Health Insurance

Today is March 16, 2016. In exactly 14 days—two weeks—I will lose my health insurance. I suffer from a life threatening chronic health condition. If I lose my health care, it could mean losing my life.


Obama’s Moonshot: The Precision Medicine Initiative

Millennials will be the first generation not just of Americans, but of human beings, to enter their golden years without having to fear cancer. That, at least, is the driving ambition behind the Precision Medicine Initiative, which President Obama calls his “moonshot” project. The now-popular ...


Burrit-O-No: Chipotle, E. Coli, And The Millennial Generation

In the latest chapter of the Chipotle health saga, an outbreak of E. coli led to 53 reported cases in nine different states in October and November of last year.


Almost Half Of Country’s Wine Consumed By Millennials

New research by the Wine Market Council, a non-profit association made up of wine businesses and organizations, found that Millennials drank almost half of the country’s wine last year.

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