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2018 #Fight4AFuture Summit

Join us in Baltimore to help turn the fight for gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform into next-level actions.


State of Our Union

The Millennial generation, now the largest generation in America, diverges from preceding generations in important ways.  First and foremost, today’s young people are more diverse than any previous generation, with the number of foreign-born 18- to 36-year-olds mirroring trends not seen since ...


#ResistanceRecap: How Young People Fueled the Resistance in 2017

2017 began on the defensive: Trump took office in January, and within days he had issued an Islamophobic, xenophobic ban on Muslims. The year was anxiety-riddled, with young people, and particularly young immigrants, people of color, and women, never sure when President Trump and his conservative ...


Five Minutes With #Fight4AFuture Community Organizer Mohammed Alam

Meet Mohammed Alam, a member of the 2017-2018 #Fight4AFuture National Leadership Council. The #Fight4AFuture network, led by Generation Progress, focuses on gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. While a student at City College of New York, Mohammed organized his community to fight ...


Young Resisters: Five Minutes With Local Business Owner And Activist Brittany Carmelle

This interview is part of an ongoing series profiling young resisters taking actions in their communities and sharing their ideas for countering “protest fatigue” with sustainable ways to keep resisting the Trump agenda for the long-haul. Brittany Carmelle is a 30-year-old activist and CEO of ...


Meet The 2017-2018 #Fight4AFuture National Leadership Council

Our 2017-2018 #Fight4AFuture National Leadership Council is working hard in their communities to push fresh, unique ideas and progressive policy solutions into the movement for gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform.


Five Reasons You Should Be Scared Of Jerry Falwell Jr., Trump’s Pick To Lead His Higher Education Task Force

In January, Donald Trump appointed Jerry Falwell Jr. to lead a new higher education task force put in place to roll back federal regulation over higher education. Many of these regulations were created by the Obama Administration to protect students from fraud, ensure high graduation rates, and ...


Congress Is Invoking A Little-Known Law To Undo Obama’s Regulatory Legacy

In these first weeks of the Trump administration, you may have heard some chatter about the Congressional Review Act (CRA). If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone. It’s a controversial, clunky statute that, until last week, had been used successfully only once before in history. But ...


Want More Millennials To Vote? Talk To Them About Higher Education.

Young people are speaking out about the issues that are the most concerning and relevant. It is now up to the candidates to make these issues a priority.


Memorializing Black Life Through Music

Some turn to private therapy, some lean on their community and loved ones, and some immerse themselves in their work. For singer-songwriter Alan Scott, the process of healing and recovering from the trauma of black death began with doing what he does best: music.


Five Minutes With Gun Violence Prevention Activist Caleb Webb

Caleb Webb is a young grassroots lobbyist in Arizona who’s passionate about common sense gun laws. In light of GP's upcoming #Fight4AFuture Week of Action, we spoke with Caleb about his experience meeting with his U.S. House Representative’s staff and how other young people can do the same.


The Who, What, And Why Of Gun Violence Prevention

From the conditions that lead to gun ownership to an overview of the most recent gun violence prevention bills and how they shape the who and what of guns, here's what you need to get involved in the fight against gun violence.


What Does My Attorney General Do? Hint: It’s A Lot.

It’s clear that AGs keep busy: in addition to consumer protections, they also oversee antitrust policy, civil rights issues, environmental protections, labor laws, and more, in addition to acting as the chief legal officer for their state and its residents.


The Cost Of Campus Shootings

While the majority of media attention is given to the immediate victims of campus shootings, very little consideration is given to the long term psychological effects the rest of the student body may face.


Join The #Fight4AFuture Gun Violence Prevention And Criminal Justice Reform Network

The Generation Progress #Fight4AFuture Network is a network of young people passionate about gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. We are building a movement that is: — Inclusive, diverse, and sensitive to the urgent needs of communities most impacted by violence and inequality ...

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