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Memorializing Black Life Through Music

Some turn to private therapy, some lean on their community and loved ones, and some immerse themselves in their work. For singer-songwriter Alan Scott, the process of healing and recovering from the trauma of black death began with doing what he does best: music.


Five Minutes With Gun Violence Prevention Activist Caleb Webb

Caleb Webb is a young grassroots lobbyist in Arizona who’s passionate about common sense gun laws. In light of GP's upcoming #Fight4AFuture Week of Action, we spoke with Caleb about his experience meeting with his U.S. House Representative’s staff and how other young people can do the same.


The Who, What, And Why Of Gun Violence Prevention

From the conditions that lead to gun ownership to an overview of the most recent gun violence prevention bills and how they shape the who and what of guns, here's what you need to get involved in the fight against gun violence.


What Does My Attorney General Do? Hint: It’s A Lot.

It’s clear that AGs keep busy: in addition to consumer protections, they also oversee antitrust policy, civil rights issues, environmental protections, labor laws, and more, in addition to acting as the chief legal officer for their state and its residents.


The Cost Of Campus Shootings

While the majority of media attention is given to the immediate victims of campus shootings, very little consideration is given to the long term psychological effects the rest of the student body may face.


Join The #Fight4AFuture Gun Violence Prevention And Criminal Justice Reform Network

The Generation Progress #Fight4AFuture Network is a network of young people passionate about gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. We are building a movement that is: — Inclusive, diverse, and sensitive to the urgent needs of communities most impacted by violence and inequality ...


Five Minutes With Black Lives Matter Activist Lamarr Sullivan On Philando Castile and Police Violence

Generation Progress spoke to Lamarr Sullivan, a 23-year-old activist from Minneapolis, about Philando Castile’s death, police violence, and the Black Lives Matter movement.


7 Ways to Make It Through Your First Gun Violence Prevention Rally

Since it looks like Congress needs us to shout a little louder and a little longer for our voices to be heard, we’ve created a short list of tips and tricks to making it through a gun violence prevention rally this summer.


The State of Restraint: When Guns, Temporary Protective Orders, And Domestic Violence Collide

When guns enter the picture, domestic violence becomes much more deadly.


Five Minutes With Millennial Advocate Bryanta Maxwell On Wear Orange Day

Bree Maxwell spoke to us about Wear Orange Day, a national day of advocacy where people across the country wear orange to raise awareness about gun violence, and her advocacy work.


Add Your Video: Why I #WearOrange

In honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day, we’re collecting videos from advocates against gun violence. Put on and orange shirt and record a video explaining why you #WearOrange.


Tackling Justice In Five Minutes

Something strange is happening in America. It is at once the age of fear and of embrace, of defiant political incorrectness and of unapologetic wokeness, of an extreme shift to the right and of a counter-shift to the left. The haves have got more than ever, the have-nots ever less. The Dream so ...


Meet The 2016-2017 #Fight4AFuture National Leadership Council

Generation Progress believes in the power and passion of young people wanting to make a difference. With members from 13 states and Washington, DC, the Leadership Council will be working to make sure Millennial voices are heard in the fight for gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform.


New Voices Join The Fight To End Ban On CDC Researching Gun Violence

Advocates for Congress to end the ban on gun violence research are being joined by more than 100 of the nation's leading medical and public health organizations, dozens of members of Congress, and now the last four surgeons general.


Add Your Voice

Generation Progress is celebrating the young voices working to make communities safer from gun violence.

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