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Gun Violence Prevention

Gun Violence Prevention

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Add Your Video: Why I #WearOrange

In honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day, we’re collecting videos from advocates against gun violence. Put on and orange shirt and record a video explaining why you #WearOrange.

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Tackling Justice In Five Minutes

Something strange is happening in America. It is at once the age of fear and of embrace, of defiant political incorrectness and of unapologetic wokeness, of an extreme shift to the right and of a counter-shift to the left. The haves have got more than ever, the have-nots ever less. The Dream so ...

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The 2016 #Fight4AFuture Summit: A Convening Of Superheroes

As my plane touched down in Chicago, I felt the familiarity of the city hit me. The cold thick air filled my lungs and the smell of the train station reminded me of the city I love – my city, Philadelphia. It also wasn’t my first time in Chi-Town, but because I haven’t been home […]


Some Senators Won’t Give Up On Fight For Gun Violence Research

Fifteen Democratic Senators penned a letter to the chairman and ranking member of the Appropriations Committee asking for $10 million to fund research examining the causes and prevention of gun violence.


Closing The Gap: Bruce Franks Uses Nonprofit To Restore Trust And Opportunity In St. Louis

Bruce Franks, Jr.’s own story has greatly impacted the mission and drive behind his work. Through his work with 28 to Life, young people have been empowered to take the lead in creating positive change in St. Louis.


In Lieu Of Federal Funding For Gun Violence Research, California State Senator Looks Local

California State Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis) has proposed legislation to establish a research center through the University of California for firearm research.


New Virginia Gun Policies: Bipartisan Compromise Or NRA Pandering?

Governor Terry McAuliffe shocked gun violence prevention advocates by passing gun policies in conjunction with Republican legislators and the National Rifle Association.


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Breaks Silence To Defend Domestic Violence Abusers

Associate Justice Thomas Clarence broke his 10-year silence during oral arguments Monday, asking a question that implied he might vote in favor of domestic violence abusers having access to guns in an upcoming decision.


Moving The Gun Violence Prevention Discourse Beyond The Margins

“Gun violence plays such a large role in my life because I always fear when my next friend is going to die or if I will ever make it home in one piece,” says 19-year-old Amy Chen of Philadelphia.  Amy’s experience is not uncommon, and is reflective of the experiences of young people around ...


Don’t Mess With Texas: State Activists Push Back On New Gun Laws

In Texas, gun violence prevention activists have faced many setbacks, including a new campus carry law and a new law expanding open carry. But across the state, they're turning their frustration into action.


University of Texas at Austin President Sends Recommendations To UT Chancellor To Limit Scope Of New Campus Carry Law

Students arrive a public forum on the University of Texas campus as a special committee studies how to implement a new law allowing students with concealed weapons permits to carry firearms into class and other campus buildings, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, in Austin, Texas.

On Wednesday, University of Texas at Austin president Gregory Fenves accepted 25 policy suggestions from the Campus Carry Policy Working Group, all of which aim to limit the scope of a newly-passed state law allowing campus carry.


Facebook “Unlikes” Gun Sales, Banning Private Sales On Both Facebook And Instagram

Since its debut in 2004, Facebook has grown tremendously, now boasting nearly 1.6 billion visitors each month, as well as many private gun sales.

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