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Generation Progress is committed to various issues that matter to our generation, as we react and respond to challenges when they arise. Here are the campaigns we are focusing on right now:

Campus Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is all too common on our college campuses. Generation Progress works in partnership with the It's On Us campaign to give students the tools they need to make cultural change in their communities. Learn more

Climate Change

Climate change is threatening the future of young people around the world. We're working to ensure our planet is habitable for future generations. Learn more

From the voting booth to the steps of the Supreme Court, young people are passionately engaged with the policies that shape our lives and the problems that face our country. Learn more

Global Issues

Young people around the globe are facing similar struggles. Learn more

Gun Violence Prevention

Young Americans are the most impacted by gun violence, and we strongly support common sense solutions to this issue. We're working to make our campuses and communities safer. Learn more

Health Care

Millions of young people were covered by the Affordable Care Act. We're working to make sure young people have the resources they need to stay healthy. Learn more


Our generation is the most diverse generation in history. We're working for fair immigration practices that embrace our country's unique history. Learn more

LGBTQ Equality

From businesses to the Boy Scouts, we know that young Americans who identify as LGBTQ deserve the same rights and protections as others. And an overwhelming majority of Millennials agree. Learn more

Progressive Economics

Investing in young Americans is a core part of rebuilding our economy. We know that strong education and workforce programs are key to a vibrant middle class and competing in the global marketplace. Learn more

Student Debt

Now, more than ever, a college degree is the ticket required for entry into the middle class. Unfortunately, the skyrocketing cost of this ticket is risking our nation’s future as a middle‐class nation. We're tackling the crippling and ever-growing issue of student loan debt in America through our Higher Ed, Not Debt campaign. Learn more

Voting Rights

Young people have a say in our country's future. We are working to ensure everyone's voice is heard at the polls. Learn more