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Young Money: In April, Youth Unemployment And Labor Force Participation Remain Low

In April, the economy added 211,000 jobs and the national unemployment rate fell to 4.4 percent—its lowest rate since 2007. The youth unemployment rate, which measures Americans 16 to 24, ticked slightly upward in April, to 9.4 percent from 9.1 percent in March.

Young Money: Youth Unemployment Rate Falls Across The Board

In March, the economy added 98,000 jobs and the national unemployment rate fell to 4.5 percent, down from 4.7 percent in February. The youth unemployment rate, which tracks young Americans aged 16 to 24, fell even steeper, from 9.9 percent in February to 9.1 percent in March—its lowest rate in ...

Building Tomorrow: The Need For Sustained Investment In America’s Progressive Youth

For far too long, progressive youth organizations have worked to elevate and center the voices of young people while lacking the funds to efficiently and fully transform young people’s progressive values into long-term progressive change.

Young Money: Youth Unemployment Rate Falls To Single Digits For First Time Since 2007

Though February marked the first full month of President Trump’s administration, the jobs numbers released today are still largely reflective of President Obama’s economic policies and legacy. In February, employers added 235,000 jobs to their rosters and the national unemployment rate fell to ...

Millennials Need A Supreme Court Nominee That Works For Our Generation

Alongside many other extreme acts in the first days of his presidency, such as enacting an unconstitutional Muslim ban, President Trump has nominated the hyper-conservative Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacancy on the nation’s highest court.

Young Money: In Last Month Of Obama’s Presidency, Economy Adds 227,000 Jobs

In January, the last month with data reflective of President Obama’s economic policies, the economy added 227,000 jobs and the unemployment rate rose ever so slightly, to 4.8 percent. The youth unemployment rate, which measures 16- to 24-year-olds, rose by 0.1 percentage points to 10.1 percent. ...

Young Money: Youth Unemployment Hits 9-Year Low In December, Youth Labor Force Participation Stays Steady

In the final month of 2016, the unemployment rate for all workers 16 and over continued its downward trend for the year, landing at 4.7 percent for January and 4.9 for 2016 as a whole. The youth unemployment rate, which measures workers aged 16-24, also fell, to 10 percent in December—its lowest ...

Comprehensive Nondiscrimination Protections Would Provide LGBTQ Millennials A Fair Shot At Economic Stability

Young LGBTQ Americans, part of an already financially unstable generation, need comprehensive nondiscrimination protections that are both inclusive—that is, encompassing of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression—and expansive, covering all areas of life.

Young Money: In November, Youth Unemployment Rate Hits Its Lowest Point In Years

In November, the youth unemployment rate fell to 10.1 percent, its lowest rate since 2007. This marker continues 2016’s steady decrease in unemployment among youth aged 16 to 24. Indeed, compared to the 2014 average youth unemployment rate of 13.4 percent and the 2015 rate of 11.6, the 2016 ...

Young Money: In October, Black Youth Continue Facing High Unemployment Rates

October showed positive signs for the economy, with 161,000 jobs added and unemployment falling slightly to 4.9 percent. The youth unemployment rate, which tracks workers aged 16 to 24, increased slightly, to 10.4 percent. However, this rate still falls under the 2016 year-to-date average of 10.5 ...

Millennials Crave Economic Stability And Opportunity

Though the Great Recession has largely receded, its effects on the Millennial generation have not. Millennials’ attitudes toward the economy have been shaped by the recession, with more Millennials citing economic stability as their top economic priority than any other goal.

Young Money: September Adds 156,000 Jobs, Youth Unemployment Remains Around 10 Percent

In September, the economy added 156,000 jobs and the national unemployment rate for Americans 16 and older was 5 percent. The youth unemployment rate, which follows the employment of Americans aged 16 to 24, was 10.3 percent.

FACT SHEET: The Cost Of Catching Up, State-By-State

Across the United States it costs students in remediation and their families close to $1.3 billion in yearly out of pocket costs. These costs range from just over $1 million in Alaska to more than $205 million in California.

Remedial Education: The Cost Of Catching Up

As many as 60 percent of entering college freshman are placed into remedial education courses to develop skills they should have learned in high school, at a cost of more than $1 billion annually.

Vote Higher: Higher Education Messaging Toolkit

Today, 43 million Americans hold some sort of student debt, America holds $1.3 trillion in student loans, and the average student is graduating with nearly almost $30,000 in debt. Millennials know this is a crisis—they’re experiencing it first-hand. Recent research shows that it’s the ...

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