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Remedial Education: The Cost Of Catching Up

As many as 60 percent of entering college freshman are placed into remedial education courses to develop skills they should have learned in high school, at a cost of more than $1 billion annually.

Vote Higher: Higher Education Messaging Toolkit

Today, 43 million Americans hold some sort of student debt, America holds $1.3 trillion in student loans, and the average student is graduating with nearly almost $30,000 in debt. Millennials know this is a crisis—they’re experiencing it first-hand. Recent research shows that it’s the ...

Young Money: Unemployment Drops Across The Board For Youth In August

In August, the economy added 151,000 jobs, and the national unemployment rate remained steady at 4.9 percent for the third straight month while the youth unemployment rate fell to 10.2 percent from 10.8 percent in July. The national unemployment rate tracks all workers 16 and older who are seeking ...

Annual Paperwork Should Not Stand In The Way Of Affordable Student-Loan Payments

Income-driven repayment plans have one major flaw: the need to annually reapply each year.

Putting Student Debt Reform On The Map

Over the past few months, states and municipalities have taken action on behalf of student loan borrowers, introducing and passing many of the policies suggested in Generation Progress' report released earlier this year.

Young Money: July Sees Steady Unemployment Rates For Youth And 255,000 Jobs Added Overall

The unemployment rates for both youth aged 16-24 and all workers 16 and older remained largely unchanged in July, while the economy added 255,000 jobs—slightly less than the 287,000 jobs added in June, but still indicating positive job growth.

The Who, What, And Why Of Gun Violence Prevention

From the conditions that lead to gun ownership to an overview of the most recent gun violence prevention bills and how they shape the who and what of guns, here's what you need to get involved in the fight against gun violence.

Fighting For A Future: Millennials Tackle Criminal Justice Reform

Young people are on the front lines of advocating for criminal justice reform — but while their activism is often seen, their policy proposals are not always heard.

Something Strange With Your Student Loans? Who Can You Call? The Department Of Education

 Thousands of federal student loan borrowers across the nation now have the opportunity to air their grievances and seek redress through the Department of Education’s recently released federal student aid complaint system. By opening up a new avenue of communication between the Department of ...

Young Money: Economy Rebounds In June, But Not For Black And Latino Youth

In June, the economy rebounded from a worrisome May, adding 287,000 jobs (compared to just 38,000 jobs added in May). Still, the unemployment rates increased slightly: the national unemployment rate rose to 4.9 percent, and the youth unemployment rate (measuring those aged 16-24) climbed to 10.7 ...

Young Money: Job Growth Slows Sharply In May While Youth Unemployment Holds Steady

The economy added just 38,000 jobs in May, a steep decline from the 160,000 jobs added in April. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate fell 0.3 percentage points to 4.7 percent. The youth unemployment rate (which tracks people aged 16 to 24) remains twice as high as the overall unemployment rate: in ...

Fighting For A Future: Millennials Tackle Criminal Justice Reform In Dallas, TX

It is clear that young people in Dallas are determined to make progress on criminal justice reform, both from working within the system, and working outside it on the grassroots level.

New Overtime Rule Will Benefit 4.5 Million Millennial Workers

The U.S. Department of Labor’s overtime rule is poised to strengthen the middle class, drive economic growth, and provide fairer pay for 12.5 million workers, including 4.5 million Millennials.

Fighting For A Future: Millennials Tackle Criminal Justice Reform In Phoenix, AZ

On November 19, 2015, Generation Progress hosted its third Millennial criminal justice roundtable in Phoenix, AZ.

Fighting For A Future: Millennials Tackle Criminal Justice Reform In Columbia, SC

Columbia was a fitting choice for the first stop on the roundtable tour considering the incidents that catapulted South Carolina to the forefront of the national conversation around criminal justice reform.

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