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The Congressional Budgets Are Not A Good Deal For Young People

This week Republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate unveiled their respective budget plans that call for “A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America.” However, these plans have clearly shown that their budgeting philosophy is not in line with the interests of young people.

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FACT SHEET + INTERACTIVE: State by State Gun Deaths

Gun violence in the United States is unacceptably high; more than 33,000 Americans die each year as a result of firearm injuries. While gun violence affects communities throughout the country, young people are disproportionately affected.

The President’s Budget And The Millennial Generation

This week, President Barack Obama released his fiscal year 2016 budget that outlined a detailed agenda to create good jobs, expand educational access, and promote economic opportunity for millions of young people throughout the country.

Five Policies Millennials Want President Obama To Discuss During The State Of The Union

With less than two years left in President Barack Obama’s second term, the State of the Union (SOTU) is a great opportunity for him to show his continued commitment to our generation, & the issues that matter to us, including higher education, immigration, campus sexual assault, & student loans.

FACT SHEET: Protecting Birth Control Coverage for Young People

For young Americans, the fallout out from these Supreme Court cases and other challenges to birth control coverage is crucial. Young people are disproportionately affected by the high cost of contraception and stand to lose the most if access to basic preventive services is denied and the newly ...

Youth Unemployment Continues Steady Downward Trend

The youth unemployment rate, for those ages 16 to 24, decreased by 0.3 percent to 12.4 percent in December. This is the lowest youth unemployment since April 2008.

FACT SHEETS: State-by-State Disinvestment in Higher Education

Learn more about your state in the fact sheets below!

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