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Borrower’s Bill Of Rights: States Step Up To Protect Student Loan Borrowers

In the absence of federal leadership on loan servicing, states must step up to protect their student borrowers from servicers that act more like debt collectors than loan counselors. Fortunately, there is something they can do: create a Borrower’s Bill of Rights.

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Young Money: Youth Unemployment Falls To Lowest Rate In A Decade But Participation Remains Low In May

While young people across the country finished up the school year and began to look for summer or permanent work in May, the Trump administration worked to reverse several policies that help ensure young workers’ success. The Trump budget, for instance, would cut funding for workplace development ...

#HandsOff Higher Ed: How The Trump-DeVos Education Budget Would Hurt Student Loan Borrowers

On Tuesday, May 22, President Trump announced his full budget. While he ran on a campaign bolstered by claims of populism and restoring power to the people, his budget does just the opposite: it cuts taxes for the wealthy while slashing foundational programs for low- and middle-income Americans. ...

Young Money: In April, Youth Unemployment And Labor Force Participation Remain Low

In April, the economy added 211,000 jobs and the national unemployment rate fell to 4.4 percent—its lowest rate since 2007. The youth unemployment rate, which measures Americans 16 to 24, ticked slightly upward in April, to 9.4 percent from 9.1 percent in March.

Young Money: Youth Unemployment Rate Falls Across The Board

In March, the economy added 98,000 jobs and the national unemployment rate fell to 4.5 percent, down from 4.7 percent in February. The youth unemployment rate, which tracks young Americans aged 16 to 24, fell even steeper, from 9.9 percent in February to 9.1 percent in March—its lowest rate in ...

Building Tomorrow: The Need For Sustained Investment In America’s Progressive Youth

For far too long, progressive youth organizations have worked to elevate and center the voices of young people while lacking the funds to efficiently and fully transform young people’s progressive values into long-term progressive change.

Young Money: Youth Unemployment Rate Falls To Single Digits For First Time Since 2007

Though February marked the first full month of President Trump’s administration, the jobs numbers released today are still largely reflective of President Obama’s economic policies and legacy. In February, employers added 235,000 jobs to their rosters and the national unemployment rate fell to ...

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