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Elections Matter: Should Millennials Rally Behind Nonpartisan Redistricting?

Because Millennials care so deeply these issues, they are heavily invested in maintaining a functional, healthy democracy. Redistricting—the process by which an entity draws electoral district boundaries—is essential to ensuring that elected legislators represent the views of a population.

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Students and Voting

Today, almost 20 years since the federal government demanded that campuses offer registration information, voter registration activists consider the HEA 1998 amendment a major victory.

3.6 Million Millennials Gained Health Insurance In 2014

Although the Affordable Care Act has enabled millions of young people to access affordable insurance, more needs to be done to support the health and economic security of all Millennials, especially Millennials of color, in the years to come.

FACT SHEET: Why Florida’s Campus Carry Bills Are A Bad Idea

In order for colleges and universities to provide the safest possible environment for students, Florida legislatures should reject campus carry bills.

National And Youth Unemployment Rates Down In August, Labor Force Participation On The Rise For Youth

Both the national and youth unemployment rates dropped in August to their lowest levels since early 2008.

Strengthening The Child Tax Credit Would Provide Greater Economic Stability For Millennial Parents

The Child Tax Credit, or CTC, could play a key role in closing the gap for these young parents.

New Overtime Rule Could Raise Wages for 4.7 Million Millennial Workers

The U.S. Department of Labor’s proposed overtime rule is poised to strengthen the middle class, drive economic growth, and provide fairer pay for 13.5 million workers, including 4.7 Millennials.

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