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National And Youth Unemployment Rates Hold Steady In September

National and youth unemployment rates hold steady in September:   Labor force participation rate still not back to prerecession levels:   Youth of color continue to face higher unemployment rates than the national average: In September, national and youth unemployment rates were steady. ...

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FACT SHEET: Why Florida’s Campus Carry Bills Are A Bad Idea

In order for colleges and universities to provide the safest possible environment for students, Florida legislatures should reject campus carry bills.

National And Youth Unemployment Rates Down In August, Labor Force Participation On The Rise For Youth

Both the national and youth unemployment rates dropped in August to their lowest levels since early 2008.

Strengthening The Child Tax Credit Would Provide Greater Economic Stability For Millennial Parents

The Child Tax Credit, or CTC, could play a key role in closing the gap for these young parents.

New Overtime Rule Could Raise Wages for 4.7 Million Millennial Workers

The U.S. Department of Labor’s proposed overtime rule is poised to strengthen the middle class, drive economic growth, and provide fairer pay for 13.5 million workers, including 4.7 Millennials.

FACT SHEET: How Overtime Rules Would Benefit Millennials

As Millennials pay off debt, launch their careers, and start families, they face unique challenges to economic stability. The new overtime rule would provide fairer pay for 4.7 million Millennial workers.

Unemployment Rate Declines Slightly For Youth Of Color In July, While National Rate Holds

In July, the national unemployment rate was unchanged from June at 5.3 percent, the lowest rate in seven years. July also saw a slight decline in youth unemployment (16- to 24-year-olds) to 11.7 percent, down from 12.1 percent in June. The economy gained 215,000 jobs in July, while the number of ...

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