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Fighting For A Future: Millennials Tackle Criminal Justice Reform In Dallas, TX

It is clear that young people in Dallas are determined to make progress on criminal justice reform, both from working within the system, and working outside it on the grassroots level.

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Youth Unemployment Rises Slightly In April, National Rate Holds Steady

The youth unemployment rate, which includes workers aged 16 to 24, rose to 10.8 percent from 10.4 percent in March, still falling well below the 2015 yearly average of 11.6 percent.

Millennial Families Are Waiting For Affordable Child Care Options

The lack of high-quality affordable child care is a huge barrier to attaining financial stability for Millennial families and young people thinking about starting a family. Working families need affordable, high-quality child care and our current system isn’t working, particularly for Millennials.

Fighting For A Future: Millennials Tackle Criminal Justice Reform In Baltimore, MD

Youth-led protests in Baltimore caught the attention of the entire country as people took note of the anger, passion, and conviction of those fighting for a better future.

FACT SHEET: Income-Driven Repayment Plans

Find out if you qualify to ease the burden of student debt repayment through Income-Driven Repayment Plans.

FLOWCHART: Income-Driven Repayment Plans

Use this chart to help decide which income-driven repayment plans you qualify for.

March Sees Minor Decrease In Youth Unemployment, As National Unemployment Rate Increases Slightly

In March, the national unemployment rate rose slightly to 5 percent, and the economy added 215,000 jobs. The youth unemployment rate fell from 10.5 percent in February to 10.4 percent.   The labor force participation rate for all workers increased to 63 percent while the youth labor force ...

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