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RSVP: Rally to Support the Birth Control Benefit!

Hobby Lobby

Did you know that 86% of youth of color believe birth control is a basic part of healthcare & should be covered by insurers?

Generation Progress Gun Violence Prevention National Summit

Millennials, unlike any generation before, have felt the effect of increased gun violence. In fact, young people account for more than two-thirds of all gun violence fatalities.  This is why Generation Progress has made gun violence prevention a top policy priority and we want to make sure to ...

Tell Congress It’s Time To Protect Borrowers

President Obama

Help us tell our elected leaders that we need student loan refinancing legislation NOW!

You Pick the Policies: State Of The Union

Obama speaks in Buffalo, NY on college costs

On January 28, President Obama will address the nation and outline his vision for 2014. He has many people helping him to shape this vision and find policy solutions, but we think he still needs to hear from one important person—YOU! What’s on the top of your list for 2014? Whether it’s ...

You Pick The Issues: State Of The Union

What issues should President Obama address in the State Of The Union?

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Thank you for your interest in planning and hosting an event with the help of Generation Progress! The Generation Progress Advocacy team is always looking for opportunities to connect with young people who are interested in facing difficult issues on their campuses or in their communities head-on. ...

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