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#WearOrange 2018

According to our latest report with the Center for American Progress “America’s Youth Under Fire,” young people today are more likely to be shot by a gun than be killed in a car accident. Now, more than ever, we need to speak to our leaders to demand change.

Our Global Warning: Share your story and share the warning signs of climate change!

Fatal wildfires in the American West. Extreme heat in the Midwest. The devastation of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Houston due to an extreme hurricane season. Climate change is here and, as you know too well, it threatens us all. We’re all living through it and will have to live with ...

#HandsOffMyBC Campaign Resources

Today, more than 62 million women in America have insurance coverage of no-cost birth control thanks to the ACA. And yet, this is right is under attack. Check out our toolkit to get all the information you need in the fight for affordable access to birth control.

Add Your Video: Why I #WearOrange

In honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day, we’re collecting videos from advocates against gun violence. Put on and orange shirt and record a video explaining why you #WearOrange.

Add Your Voice

Generation Progress is celebrating the young voices working to make communities safer from gun violence.

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