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State Of The (Millennial) Union: Global Issues

By Alexandra Kilpatrick

President Barack Obama focused on the future and how to solve America’s current problems, especially global issues, during his final State of the Union address.

Obama reassured Americans about threats from ISIS and other terrorist groups and discouraged viewers from making claims that such terrorist groups will cause World War III.

“Over-the-top claims that this is World War III just play into their hands,” Obama explained during his final State of the Union address. “Masses of fighters on the back of pickup trucks and twisted souls plotting in apartments or garages pose an enormous danger to civilians and must be stopped. But they do not threaten our national existence. That’s the story ISIL wants to tell; that’s the kind of propaganda they use to recruit…We don’t need to build them up to show that we’re serious, nor do we need to push away vital allies in this fight by echoing the lie that ISIL is representative of one of the world’s largest religions. We just need to call them what they are–killers and fanatics who have to be rooted out, hunted down and destroyed… If you doubt America’s commitment–or mine–to see that justice is done, ask Osama bin Laden.”

A recent Rock the Vote and USA Today Millennial Poll revealed that Millennials are not firmly aligned with either political party, especially when it comes to combating terrorism. About 47 percent of Millennials say that the United States should use troops on the ground to fight the Islamic State, while 37 percent disagree.

Obama also spoke on a few other topics important to Millennials, including equal pay, education, job growth and technology. The Rock the Vote poll showed that Millennials are by far more concerned about the economy, including minimum wage and paid leave, than any other issue.