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Articles by Edgar Wilson


Blind Justice: Does The Criminal Justice System Blame Individuals For Group Problems?

Obesity and crime are incredibly similar: when we focus on the individual, all we let ourselves see are the choices, the personal failures, the isolated moments that all combined and led to a negative outcome.


Foodies To The Rescue: Can Millennials Undo The Damage Of The Modern Diet?

Farmers’ markets and organic grocery stores may earn scorn as hipster fads, but they are also making personal choice an actual alternative to the ubiquitous and economically dominant mainstream of junk food.


Mental Medicine: How The Stigma Around Mental Health Affects Doctors

Millennials aren’t feeling well. As a generation, Millennials are putting up startling figures for measures of mental health.


When Your Medical Record Goes From Paper File To Digital File, Who Owns The Data?

Who owns your Facebook profile? What about Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform on which you’ve created a profile? When your personal information, along with pictures, videos, and comments, are loaded onto a social media platform, it is hard to be certain of who has access, who ...


Obama’s Moonshot: The Precision Medicine Initiative

Millennials will be the first generation not just of Americans, but of human beings, to enter their golden years without having to fear cancer. That, at least, is the driving ambition behind the Precision Medicine Initiative, which President Obama calls his “moonshot” project. The now-popular ...