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Articles by Christian Smith


Leaving DACAmented College Students in the Lurch

This is a difficult time for the undocumented community and the staff at Generation Progress is sensitive to the worry and stress that the end of DACA has caused millions. This post is meant to serve as a set of resources for undocumented college students looking for next steps should they lose ...


Seeking Sanctuary: How Schools Can Protect and Advocate for Undocumented Students

Generation Progress has identified key policies—based on practices already in place at many schools—all colleges and universities must enact to fully open the gates of higher education to undocumented students.


Borrower’s Bill Of Rights: States Step Up To Protect Student Loan Borrowers

In the absence of federal leadership on loan servicing, states must step up to protect their student borrowers from servicers that act more like debt collectors than loan counselors. Fortunately, there is something they can do: create a Borrower’s Bill of Rights.


Resources for Undocumented Students and Higher Education

Below, we’ve highlighted a few scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate programs for which undocumented students are eligible. Many other organizations have resources–whether that be their own scholarship lists, info on how to navigate financial aid, or general tips and ...


#HandsOff Higher Ed: How The Trump-DeVos Education Budget Would Hurt Student Loan Borrowers

On Tuesday, May 22, President Trump announced his full budget. While he ran on a campaign bolstered by claims of populism and restoring power to the people, his budget does just the opposite: it cuts taxes for the wealthy while slashing foundational programs for low- and middle-income Americans. ...


“No Ban, No Wall. America Is Meant For All”

While President Trump has been busy making false claims about protecting our national security, Americans have been busy at airport baggage claims across the country, snaking around carousels to protest the discriminatory ban and provide legal counsel to affected people.