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The Campus Progress 2011 National Conference: FAQs

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No. Campus Progress works with students, non-students, and former students. The conference is primarily for young people ages 18 to 27.

Do I need to attend both days, or can I come for just one, or even part of a day?

We would like you to participate both days, and your interest in attending both days will be a positive factor (but not the only factor) in deciding whether you are admitted to the conference, which fills to capacity every year.  However, we understand that some of you won’t be able to attend both.  Partial days, however, are challenging for us to implement logistically.  If you sign up, we ask you to commit to the full day.

What is day 2 of the National Conference all about?

We're hosting this unique conversation on Day 2 of the National Conference especially for people who want to learn more about building power for young people as we head toward the 2012 elections. While more than 1,000 people will attend Day 1, this Day 2 discussion is for a smaller group of about 120 and will be held at the Center for American Progress.  We will address issues like: What issues are most important to young people?  Can we organize around a focused youth agenda?  How can get candidates to take notice and convince them to support our agenda?  How can we mobilize young people to vote in large numbers in 2012?  And how can we hold office holders accountable after the election? Attendees will engage in discussion with each other and with experts in politics, organizing, policy, and communications. Participants will leave Day 2 knowing how they can contribute to building youth power leading up to and beyond the 2012 elections, locally and nationally.

What should I wear?

On July 6th and 7th you should wear whatever makes you comfortable. Business attire is not required. 

I’m interested in carpooling or finding out if there are others from my school and/or area that are attending the conference. Can you connect me with other attendees?

We would love to help connect you with others in your area who are attending the conference. We encourage you to carpool and/or get together while you are in D.C., to share your ideas and strategies for local issue campaigns and to meet with other progressives from your area. To find others from your area, you can check out our Campus Progress Facebook fan page and post on the group’s discussion board (we recommend including your city and state in the subject line).

How much will it cost to attend? Are there scholarships available for travel and housing?

The conference, and food provided during event hours on both days, is free of charge for all attendees. You are responsible for your own travel and accommodations. We are unable to offer travel and housing scholarships.

How is Campus Progress working on ways to make the conference more environmentally conscious this year?

Heck yes! Campus Progress will make extra efforts to implement waste reduction and recycling programs on-site, as well as to reduce the environmental impact of the conference. We strongly encourage attendees, especially in arranging their travel, to do the same.