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National Advocacy

Campus Progress’s national advocacy team works in Washington, D.C., and with young people around the country to advance progressive solutions to key national policy challenges. Recent achievements have included our work to increase and protect the Pell grant for college students; to reform the student loan system; to focus public and government attention on poor quality programs and abuses by for-profit colleges; to advance young people’s interests in the landmark health care reform bill; and to help build a strong national movement in support of the DREAM Act and opportunity for young immigrants. Currently, Campus Progress is focusing on these priority issues at the national level:


Campus Progress is working with a coalition of organizations and young people to convince Congress to pass the DREAM Act, a bill that would give undocumented young people a path to citizenship through higher education or military service. We are also pressing the government to protect DREAMers and their families from harmful deportation practices. While continuing the fight for comprehensive immigration reform in Washington, Campus Progress also is working with local partners to prevent misguided racial profiling laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 from passing in other states.

LGBTQ Rights

Campus Progress is working with young people to press for LGBTQ equality in every part of society. We work to support policies at the institutional, municipal, state, and federal level in the fight for legal equality for LGBTQ people, such as LGBTQ-inclusive benefits, employee nondiscrimination legislation and marriage equality. We also seek to advance social and cultural equality through the support and training of LGBTQ youth activists and journalistic coverage of LGBTQ Issues.

Affordable Education

The passage of landmark student aid bills in 2007 and 2010 were important steps, but an affordable quality higher education still remains out of reach for many Americans. Campus Progress is working to protect and expand Pell grants; increase need-based financial aid from states and schools; protect students against abuses in the private loan system; promote openness and accountability for-profit colleges and other schools as to their financial aid policies and educational value; address particular hurdles faced by students of color, LGBTQ students, and immigrant students; and promote college completion.

Voter Suppression

Over the past year, conservative legislators have been introducing and passing legislation that creates barriers to voting, including “Voter ID” bills that require voters to show specific types of photo identification at the polls. The claimed intent of these laws is to prevent fraud, but in fact there are almost no cases of voter impersonation. These laws make it harder for young people, people of color, low-income people, the disabled, and older Americans to vote.  Campus Progress is working with a coalition of allied organizations and people across the country to defeat and roll back these measures.

Clean Energy Jobs

Through our work with the Energy Action Coalition, Campus Progress works with young people to end the climate crisis by creating millions of clean energy jobs and eliminating handouts to polluters. We also help young people on college campuses run campaigns to reduce their communities’ carbon footprint. By making their communities more sustainable, they are giving their legislators a concrete example of the benefits of working towards a cleaner economy.