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The Millennial generation is set to inherit some serious challenges, but don’t be mistaken: this hasn’t discouraged young people from taking action to improve the conditions of their communities and college campuses. All over the United States, young people have been taking matters into their own hands on the issues that are important them. Whether it’s organizing for worker’s rights on their college campuses, or advancing the rights of immigrants or LGBT people in their communities – the energy and passion this generation has for progressive causes is absolutely vital to making change.

What is the Action Network?

The Action Network is how Campus Progress works with youth-led organizations based on campuses and in communities that work on issues relevant to our generation. It’s the way we support youth-led campaigns that can promote positive change to improve people’s lives. Campaigns cover a wide range of issues – from advancing rights for undocumented students in higher education to creating LGBT resource centers.

To kick off the program, members of the Action Network will be invited to Washington, DC, on Nov. 9-11, 2012 to participate in our national Action Summit, which will consist of skills-based trainings and networking with leaders in policy and organizing. Other benefits include:

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