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For-Profit College Students Speak Out About Abuses

For-Profit College Students Speak Out About Abuses

Campus Progress is gathering these stories through web-based research and direct outreach to students, as well as outreach to partner organizations. Unfortunately, these stories are not isolated incidents. We are continuing to collect stories from former students and employees of for-profit colleges. Read a story from one student below, and then view more stories here.

DeVry Billed Me for Tuition the Army had Already Paid For

“Working with DeVry’s finance staff was a nine-month nightmare that I would not care to repeat. I used the military tuition assistance (TA) program to pay for a portion of my tuition for DeVry. However, DeVry repeatedly billed me for the entire tuition bill, including the portion ALREADY PAID by the US Army. Attempts to contact DeVry’s finance staff were exceedingly frustrating. They were rarely responsive, and when they replied they simply stonewalled the problem while late fees were piled on to my balance. [Enrolling at Devry] turned out to be an incredibly disruptive influence on my education, military career, and personal finances.”
—a former DeVry University student

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Tell Us Your Story

If you have been the victim of a for-profit college program or are an employee of a for-profit college who has witnessed these practices, please tell us your story.

About the Gainful Employment Regulations

The final gainful employment regulations issued by the Department of Education seek to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in some career college programs, programs that can leave students without marketable skills and buried in student loan debt. The rule is opposed by the for-profit industry, which has hired scores of big-name lobbyists and consultants, increased campaign contributions to members of Congress, and bombarded the airwaves with misleading TV commercials.

Campus Progress participated in the Department of Education's rulemaking process, met with government officials, published op-eds and reported articles, and helped build a strong coalition of groups in favor of the rule. Campus Progress also purchased a small cable television ad on MSNBC and FOX News to run a 30-second spot addressing this issue, countering an advertising blitz by the for-profit industry. For more about Campus Progress’ campaign, please visit

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