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Campus Progress Reporters

Contributing Editors

Candice Bernd is a contract editor focusing on Civil & Human Rights issues for Campus Progress. As a reporter for Campus Progress, she covered climate change and the environment, including the battle over the Keystone XL pipeline. She helped launch the Tar Sands Blockade, an ongoing nonviolent direct action campaign to stop the southern leg of the pipeline in Texas. She recently graduated from the University of North Texas with Bachelors’ degrees in Journalism and Political Science. As a campus organizer, she helped eliminate free speech “zones,” fought to get her university off coal, and participated in an anti-fracking campaign in Denton, Texas. She has reported for her school's student-run daily newspaper, co-hosted a Dallas-based progressive talk radio program, and spent the summer of 2011 in Chicago working as an intern for In These Times magazine. She is also currently a Social Media Fellow at Truthout. Follow her on Twitter @CandiceBernd.

Emily Crockett is a contract editor focusing on Economic Justice issues for Campus Progress. Her extensive reporting on the Occupy movement and economic and social justice earned her Campus Progress's Reporter of the Year Award in 2012. Her work has been featured in Alternet, In These Times, and DCist, and she has appeared on The Young Turks and Free Speech TV. Emily is from (but not of) Texas, and before landing in Washington, DC, she received Bachelor's degrees in English and Vocal Performance from Northwestern, a Fulbright grant to teach English in Germany, and a Master of Music from Boston University. Follow her at @emilycrockett.

Jon Christian is a contract editor focusing on Democracy issues for Campus Progress. He also writes for, blogs at, and is always looking for freelance work. He's a skeptic, a film and music geek, and he likes adventures, vegetarian cooking and robots (even though he's afraid they're going to turn against us). Follow him on Twitter @Jon_Christian.

Lydia Fiser runs the Campus Progress Journalism Network and is a contract editor focusing on Economic Justice issues for Campus Progress. Through the Journalism Network, Lydia works to provide 54 progressive college publications with the resources and guidance they need to continue to grow and succeed in their communities. Lydia graduated from the University of Florida with honors in journalism and political science. While in school, she co-founded and edited a progressive monthly publication, The Fine Print, a member of the Campus Progress Journalism Network, which focuses on civil and human rights, environmental degradation, and the preservation of long-form journalism. Through this experience, Lydia developed a great respect for independent media, and has since found her passion lies with journalism that facilitates critical thought and active civil participation. Before joining Campus Progress, Lydia worked as an editor for the New York Times News Service and traveled extensively. 


Staff Writers

Aditi Pai covers the Higher Education beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. Aditi graduated from Boston University with a journalism major and history minor. During her time in school she worked for Bostinno, Welcome to Madrid and Eco News Network. She also has experience in multimedia, production, and social media from both coursework and internships. She's interested in writing about startups, the environment, and higher education.

Anya Callahan covers the LGBT Rights beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She is originally from Oregon but currently calls Seattle home. Anya graduated in 2012 from the University of Puget Sound, where she studied Political Science and Gender Studies. At Puget Sound she founded a feminist campus media and Campus Progress Journalism Network publication, Wetlands Magazine. She worked for her campus newspaper as an Opinions Writer, and as a Community and Campus Organizer for NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. Follow her on Twitter @LezAnya.

Bridget Todd covers the Racial Justice beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She has worked as an organizer for the Sunlight Foundation and as a new media director for Credo SuperPAC. She currently teaches courses on writing, social justice, and activism full time at Howard University. Her writing has appeared on Jezebel, DCentric, and Racialicious. Follow her on Twitter @BridgetMarie.

Cherise Lesesne covers the Higher Education beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She’s a recent graduate from Spelman College where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. With an interest in public policy and cultural affairs, Cherise has written on several topics concerning higher education administration, internationalization, and cultural affairs for the publication Diverse: Issues in Higher Education and for CBS Baltimore.

Chris Lewis covers the Progressive Economic Growth beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. He graduated from American University in 2011, where he was a co-founder of American Way of Life magazine, a member of the Campus Progress Journalism Network. He is most interested in the nexus between economic policy, social life, and culture. In addition to Campus Progress, he was written for the Washington City Paper, Miami Herald, CounterPunch, and Z Magazine. 

Cody Bond covers the Environment beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. He graduated from the University of Florida where he studied journalism and revolutionary history. While in school he worked as a staff writer for The Fine Print, part of Campus Progress’ Journalism Network, and discovered his passion for both travel writing and advocacy journalism.

Dahlia Grossman-Heinze covers the Conservative Movement beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She studied English Literature at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and has worked as an editorial intern at Ms. magazine. She is interested in the intersections between pop culture and politics, and whenever possible, David Lynch and horror films. You can follow her on Twitter @salvadordahlia.

Emily Roseman covers the Labor & Youth Employment beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She currently is also a Producer/Editor in the Digital Media department of ABC News. As a recent journalism graduate of American University in Washington, D.C., she has interned with BBC World News—where she covered the 2008 Presidential Election—MSNBC, and USA Today. She also interned at the White House, serving in the Executive Office of President Barack Obama. She has contributed as a blogger and author to WhiteHouse.Gov and will be featured in the upcoming University Chic book Diploma Diaries, in which she offers advice and insight into the working world of professional women. 

Emma Weinstein-Levey covers the Immigration beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She recently graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in American Studies and completed an advocacy internship at Campus Progress. She likes to read and write about immigration, feminism, multicultural advocacy and allyship, environmental justice, television, and oral history/storytelling. Currently, Emma resides in Washington, DC, and spends her evenings working on lefty radio shows with some fantastically wonky folks. Follow her on Twitter @ebwlevey.

Jenn Nowicki covers the Legal System beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She currently attends the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and is working on an undergraduate degree in Psychology and English, with a specific focus on neurocognitive development in children and modernist poetry. Her eventual goal is to become an international human rights lawyer. Jenn is the Public Relations Director for Campus BluePrint, a publication in the Campus Progress Journalism Network; an editor for Lambda; and is the Editor-in-Chief of UNC's astrophysics publication, laUNCh. She is a voracious reader of online news and is especially interested in issues concerning federal/state laws and our court system, as well as how the United States’ growing income inequality is eroding social mobility and the American Dream.

Justin Decker covers the Voting Rights beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. A proud alumnus of the California Community College system, Justin transferred to the University of California at Berkeley and finished with an undergraduate degree in political science in 2011. In the past, he has held various positions with the California Community College Foundation, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Tikkun Magazine in Berkeley, and an AFL-CIO affiliated union in Northern California, where he worked as an organizer and researcher on several labor campaigns. Justin is now a candidate for an M.Phil. degree in Politics at the University of Cambridge, where he is nearly finished and looks forward to returning to the United States. Beyond obsessing over the ebb and flow of national politics in Washington, he is interested in the intersections of art and politics generally, the politics of the workplace specifically, and in the power of persuasion and community. Follow him on Twitter @DeckerJustin. 

Kevin Jersey covers the Preventing Gun Violence & Creating Safe Communities beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. After changing colleges and career paths several times, he is now pursuing a Journalism degree at Los Angeles Valley College. His varied educational and work experiences have given him insight into the struggles facing both students and workers. In addition to writing for the Los Angeles Valley Star, Kevin writes sporadically on his own politically-oriented blog at Follow him on Twitter @wordsnotbullets.

Marc Peters covers the Preventing Gun Violence & Creating Safe Communities as a reporter for Campus Progress. He currently serves as the strategic communications and engagement associate at Living Cities. Additionally, Marc is a co-founder of MasculinityU and spends his off hours engaging men in a vibrant dialogue about gender roles. He also co-founded Naturally Blue PAC to bring progressive values back in the South and served as the PAC’s Communications Director. From 2007-2008, Marc worked as national student blog director for the Obama for America presidential campaign. In 2012, he helped edit, the news blog of Campus Progress Action. A recent graduate of the Clinton School of Public Service, Marc holds a Master’s of Public Service and a B.A. in Policy Studies and Newspaper Journalism from Syracuse University. You can follow Marc on Twitter at @rippleofhope.

Melissa Adan covers the Immigration beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She currently attends Boston University where she is working on an undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Political Science. Melissa is the Online Editor for The Daily Free Press at Boston University and is interested in civil rights and advocating for immigration reform.

Michael Cooper Jr. covers the Student Debt beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. He’s a student at the Charlotte School of Law and a contributing writer for Creative Loafing Charlotte.  In 2009, he was a New Leaders Fellow at the Center for Progressive Leadership and, after interning for the Office of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) on Capitol Hill, he worked as a Communications Associate for Hip Hop Caucus and later as the Volunteer Coordinator for a U.S. Senate campaign in North Carolina. 

Molly Miller covers the Civic Participation beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She’s a graduate of Hendrix College with a B.A. in Politics. Molly has also written for She is interested in reproductive justice issues and female representation in Congress and state legislatures. 

Molly Savard covers the Pop Culture beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She’s a senior journalism student at Boston University and also pursuing a minor in American studies. She writes for the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island and GET Magazine, as well as the BU College of Communication graduate student magazine, The Comment. She serves on the leadership board for BU's Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism, an anti-oppression and community education group. 

Pauline Holdsworth covers the Gender & Women’s Rights beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. She is a fourth-year English major at the University of Toronto and is the Editor-in-Chief of The Strand, a student newspaper. In 2009, she was one of five national Portfolio Gold Medalists for Writing in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and in 2008, she studied creative writing at the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts. As someone who grew up in central Pennsylvania but currently lives in Toronto, she’s interested in exploring how progressive politics manifest in different ways north and south of the Canadian border and across rural and urban divides. She’s passionate about public spaces, mental health, and analyzing the way gender and violence are framed in the media. You can follow her on Twitter at @holdswo.

Shay O’Reilly covers the Labor and Youth Employment beat as a reporter for Campus Progress covering Labor. He is a Master of Divinity student at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, studying Christian Social Ethics, and hopes to someday become a pastor. Prior to attending Union, Shay graduated from the University of Iowa and spent time in housing cooperatives. You can read his occasionally angry micro-ranting about economics, empire, and theology on Twitter @shaygabriel.

Zach Duffy covers the Student Debt beat as a reporter for Campus Progress. He is a 2012 graduate of Whitman College, and he is currently traveling on a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship studying global youth employment issues.