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2009 Campus Progress National Conference

The 2009 Campus Progress National Conference

Campus Progress’ 2009 National Conference featured some amazing speeches and engaging dialogues. In case you couldn’t make it to the Conference, were wishing you could hear that panel you missed, or missed that funny quote because you were Twittering, find here the video and audio of the Conference.

For the official photo album of the 2009 CPNC, click here (Facebook album). To see more Campus Progress’ videos, check out our YouTube channel.



After first four, videos are posted in Conference order.

President Clinton: You’re going to live in the most interesting time in human history

Full transcript of Pres. Clinton’s speech can be found here.

What’s Congress Doing Now? Nancy Pelosi Speaks

Kathleen Sebelius on Why Young People NEED Health Reform Now

Van Jones says ‘We have a President that actually cares about science”

Conference Kickoff: Hooman Hedyati – Iranian Voter, Students Against the Death Penalty

David Halperin: “Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Limbaugh’s Worst Nightmare”

Rocking the Spoken Word: Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai

Erica Williams: 23% of College Freshmen drop out because of the cost of College

Morning Convo with John Podesta & Daniella Gibbs Leger

Staceyann Chin, Spoken Word Artist

WOO!!! 2009 Campus Progress Journalism & Activism Award Winners

Our Cell Phones Fuel War – John Prendergast and Joel Madden



Health Care Panel: How can we heal the health care system?

Left to Right: Dave Chandrasekaran (moderating), Matt Singer, Igor Volsky and Neera Tanden. (Photo: Paul Morse)

Labor Rights Panel: How can we secure fair working conditions for everyone?

Left to Right: David Madland (moderating), Arlene Holt Baker, Harold Meyerson and Maria F. Escobar. (Photo: Paul Morse)

Keeping the Faith: Moving religious communities from tolerance to advocacy on LGBT issues.

Left to Right: Adrian Shanker (moderating), Craig Washington, Alex McNeill and Urooj Arshad. (Photo: Paul Morse)

Threat Assessment: How should the U.S. and the global community should deal with terrorism, rogue states, and nuclear proliferation?

Left to Right: Jamie M. Fly, Reuben E. Brigety II, Heather Hurlburt (moderating), Matthew Yglesias and Emira Woods. (Photo: Paul Morse)